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2024        TBD
2023 Tim Self
2022        Christa Sweeney

2021        Kathy Cromley

2020        Brian Drechsler

2019        Christa Sweeney/Georgianna Strauser

2018        Jake Hartvigsen

2017        Tim Self

2016        Robert Melberth

2015        Eric Massey

2014        Don Muenzmay

2013        Ron Haynes

2012        Tim Self

2011        Tonya Steed

2010        Bob Wilson

2009        Ken Allen

2008        Chandra Riccio

2007        Tom Wessel

2006        Dick Cooley

2005        Robb Darnell

2004        Bud Hurter

2003        Gerry Cool

2002        Brian Dumas

2001        Marty Faust

2000        Lisa Hagerman

1999        David Hicks

1998        Sandy Blowers & Walt Land

1997        Bob DesRochers

1996        Craig Phillips

1995        Mike Hawkins

1994        Pete Resh

1993        Barry Pappa

1992        Bill Theroux

1991        Bill Theroux

1990        Craig McAllister

1989        Johhny Jahn

1988        Mike Bennett

1987        Peter Taylor

1986        Jim Dean

1985        Bob DesRochers

1984        George McLain

1983        Paul Mercier

1982        David Barnett

1981        Charlie Ferneyhough

1980        Ralph Fensterwald

1979        Mike Seer

1978        Jerry Lotz & Bob Ferris

1977        Skip Halsey

1976        Jon Harris

1975        John Karel

1974        Stan Marine

1973        Rod McMillie

1972        Don Muenzmay

1971        Len Gionfriddo

1970        Ralph Lampman

1969        Johnny Jahn

1968        Chet Rickert

1967        Jay Jaffe

1966        Don Simpson & Dave Haber

1965        Charles Stewart

1964        John Piercy

1963        Clyde Gentry

1962        JA Hartenstine & LW Glisson

1961        Arthur Rinke

1960        Robert Alexander

1959        Dean Fleischman & Bill Poe

1958        Raymond McCarthy

1957        Fred Cooper, Jr.

1956        RP Farrell & John Taylor


Johnny Jahn

Bob DesRochers

George McLain

Pete Resh

Mike Bennett

Robb Darnell

Alex Lancaster

Mike Hawkins

Marty Faust

Tom Wessel

Chandra Riccio

Ken Allen

Bob Wilson

Bud Hurter

Don Muenzmay

David Hicks

Brian Dumas

Dick Cooley

Jim Dean

Paul Mercier

Gerry Cool

Sandy Blowers

Tim Self

Mark Johnson

Ron Haynes
Mike Burns



Mike Bennett

Robb Darnell

Marty Faust

Al Liskunas

Ken Allen

Bud Hurter

Sandy Blowers

Jim Dean

David Hicks

Chandra Riccio

Gerry Cool

Dean Crowley

Tim Self

Bob DesRochers

Larry Lippert

Tom Wessel

Bob Wilson

Phil Nace

Tony Gabriel
Jake Hartvigsen



Brian Drechsler
Rod Underdahl
Tim Self
Jake Broen
Jake Hartvigsen
Alex Lancaster
Abe Kozma
Kent "Lock" Lockridge
Marty Faust
Robb Darnell

Criteria for Award Recipients

The Annual Fundraising Award, Lifetime Fundraising Award and Lifetime Service Award are based on a long-term commitment to fundraising or service. The criteria for determining success in achieving recognition for either award would be as follows:

Annual Fundraising Award

  • Serve as Chairman of a fundraising committee
  • Raise $1000 or more in proceeds
  • Good financial standings with the club
  • Strong, active member attending lunches, happy hours, fundraisers, events, etc.

The fundraising committee could also recommend recipients for the annual award based on a high level of service towards fundraising achieved outside the four above mentioned criteria.

Lifetime Fundraising Award

  • Club member 10+ years
  • 10 years chairing a fundraising committee
  • Achieve a total of 10 different annual awards
  • Raise a total of $25,000 or more lifetime
  • Good financial standings with the club
  • Strong, active member attending lunches, happy hours, fundraisers, events, etc.

Lifetime Service Award

  • Club member 10+ years
  • Serve as a chairman of a service committee 10+ years
  • Serve on the Board of Directors of Sertoma Club of Greater Sarasota or Sertoma Kids
  • Good financial standings with the club
  • Strong, active member attending lunches, happy hours, fundraisers, events, etc
  • Bring public awareness to the club
  • Consistently raises money on a regular basis
  • Helps out in a crises

The selection committee each year would be composed of the club’s current president and past presidents. They have the power to choose the corresponding recipient. The name of each recipient would remain a secret until the awards banquet.